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About Us


Who are we?

Aeroquest Aviation, is located in central Alberta Canada, about an hour east of Edmonton on highway 16. We are a Transport Canada certified flight school providing training in the PWS (BULA basic ultralight aircraft) commonly known as trikes.  We are the only full service flight school in western Canada that deals  "primarily" with this type of aircraft

New and used units can be obtained through our facility but if you find a trike somewhere else, please let us know and we can help you make a good decision.


What is this thing?

Flying a trike is a lot like riding a motorcycle but with a lot less crazy people cutting you off! Time to learn varies but is directly connected with the amount of time and effort you put into it. We like to teach in a one block segment to promote an accelerated learning curve. The minimum dual flight hours set out by Transport Canada for issuance of the Student Pilot Permit is 5. Don't be confused by others telling you that the minimum is 10 hours of dual. CAR's 421.21 states this very clearly. So if you can show us you can fly this aircraft then all you need is 5. If we get good weather during your training appointment, it is possible to be flying solo in your own trike in 3 days. Proper training is a must.

In Canada, trikes are know as "ultralights". In Europe they are known as "microlights" and in the USA known by Sport pilot trikes. All countries have different regulations with different requirements on what it takes to legally fly. 

The internet is a great thing, but don't be fooled by USA regulations and how they do things there. You cannot get training down in the states and fly here in Canada without the proper documents. These documents can only be obtained from a Canadian Certified Flight Instructor.


So what do I have to do?

The first thing to do is spend a nickel and phone. There is  much to discuss and a lot of thinking to do on your part. Don't spend any money until you do some research. 

We realize there are tire kickers out there and that some people are "just thinking" of getting into the sport, that wish not to bother others...we get that. So here are the basics on what to do...

#1...Get an introductory flight....$200.00. There is no need to spend any extra money if you do not like the sport. This flight time goes toward your training time if you decided to sign up.

#2...Next is to get enrolled in a ground school course. We provide that here and is an easy self study guide format that you can do at home...$500.00

#3...Next is to set a date for dual instruction.  We charge $300.00 per hour but have no minimum amount of hours you need to meet.  If you can demonstrate your flying skills sooner and meet Transport Canada's requirements  you can fly sooner.

#4...Your solo time will be "in your own aircraft" so figure this into your plans. A BULA cannot be loaned, rented or given away for free as others claim...legally anyway!

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